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Cashew processing
Grades and Classification

Cashew kernels are graded on how white they are (W: white, S: scorched, D: dessert), how broken they are (W: whole, S: split, B: butt, P: piece) and what size they are (180 kernels/lb, 210 kernels/lb, 240 kernels/lb, 320 kernels/lb, 450 kernels/lb).

Grade Trade name Kernel count/lb Description
WW180 White wholes <180 The cashew kernels are white, pale ivory, or light ash gray color and they are whole, not broken.
WW210 White wholes 200-210
WW240 White wholes 220-240
WW320 White wholes 300-320
WW450 White wholes 400-450
LBW240 Light brown wholes <240 As the grade of white whole kernels but the color is darker due to overheating in the process of oil dressing or dry.
LBW320 Light brown wholes 300-320
SW Scorched wholes  
SW 240 Scorched wholes 220-240
SW 320 Scorched wholes 300-320
SWS Scorched wholes second  
DW Dessert wholes 300-360 The kernels are deep scorched
DW- Dessert wholes 400-450
WB White butts   The kernels are broken in crosswise.
SB Scorched butts  
WS White splits   The kernels split naturally in lengthwise
SS Scorched splits  
LP Large pieces   The kernels are broken into more than two pieces.
SP Small pieces  
BB Baby bits   The kernels are broken into very small pieces.


The purpose of cashew nut processing is to extract the nice, healthy, tasty and nutritionous kernels from the raw nuts in shell.

Cashew nut processing

Raw cashew nuts

Cashew kernels

  • Cleaning: remove foreign matter.
  • Sizing: allow the nuts roasted properly with different sizes during roasting stage.
  • Soaking in water: facilitate oil roasting and shelling stages.
  • Hot oil roasting: extract cashew nut shell liquid and make the nuts easier for shelling.
  • Sizing: facilitate shelling stage.
  • Shelling: separate kernels from shell.
  • Drying: facilitate peeling stage and also protect kernels from pest and fungal attack.
  • Peeling: remove testa
  • Grading: grade into 26 grades
  • Cleaning: remove dust, foreign matters and fumigate to prevent insect and pest attack.
  • Packaging: packed as customer’s requirement. Usually vacuumised and sealed.
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